Roman Holiday

Visiting Rome is like visiting no other place in the world. This rich and powerful Italian city offers the unique opportunity of travelling through time, on a fantastic journey that takes you from a magnificent past to a thrilling present of cutting-edge fashion and contemporary art flowering in every corner of Rome.

Vatican ROME Art masterpieces are everywhere, impressive riches are flaunted with one of the 'New Seven Wonders of the World' at your feet – the breathtaking Colloseum. The historical centre is dominated by the "Seven Hills of Rome" that form the heart of this unique city. While walking through Rome's characterful streets, echoes of the past are ever present - the grandeur, excesses and enormous cultural and historic significance of Ancient Rome is evident in your every step. The smallest nation in the world is located in Rome: the State of the Vatican City. This magnificent place is the capital of the only religion to be represented at the United Nations and home of the current Pope, Pope Benedict XVI. Colosseum ROMEThe world-famous and much-admired Sistine Chapel ("Cappella Sistina" in Italian) located in the Apostolic Palace is one of the greatest Renaissance constructions. Its outstanding painted ceiling created by Michelangelo is considered a priceless masterpiece. It wasn't just Michelangelo who left a magnificent legacy to the Vatican City however; there are also amazing works of art by Raphael (Raphael Rooms), Leonardo Da Vinci and Botticelli, among others.

ROME Rome is much more than history and the invaluable legacy of its Ancient Empire. The Italian metropolis is also an important centre for music, hosting one of the oldest musical institutions in the world: the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia (founded in 1585). Italian cinema is respected and admired world-wide. Marcello Mastroianni, Sophia Loren, Federico Fellini, Roberto Benigni and even the sexy Monica Bellucci are just a few of the names kept in the hearts of millions of film-going fans. Rome also hosts the Cinecittà Studios, the largest film and television production studio in continental Europe and the centre of the distinctive Italian cinema industry. Lose yourself in the thrills, excitement and beauty of the Eternal City!

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